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Wireless Connectivity are a leading source of Mobile Mark products with the expertise to help you select the right antenna for your project.

The Mobile Mark range covers the following Wireless Applications:

GPS – Commercial Fleets, Public Transit, Mining

Cellular M2M – Utilities, Signs, Monitoring

Commercial WiFi – Video, Hotspots

RFID – Warehouse and Logistics

Custom – Embedded Antennas, Cable Assemblies

The following Mobile Mark brochures may be of interest

DAS & In-building antenna solutions

Infrastructure & Fixed site antenna solutions

Antennas for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Rugged dependable antennas for military communications

Wireless solutions for exploration, mining, fleet tracking and surveillance

Antennas that keep you connected … when communications are critical

You understand energy – we understand wireless

Antenna solutions for reliable wireless connections

If you do not see what you are after on the website, or wish to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us

Latest products can be found in  Mobile Mark’s Catalogue or the Nov 2011 Catalogue Addendum


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